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The Digifob allows you to instantly display data from drivers cards to ensure compliance with EU regulations.
Drivers and transport managers can view driver card data in just a few seconds, allowing you to check if you or your drivers are keeping within EU regulations. The Digifob will also summarise driver shifts each week saving you time with calculations. Software is required (Digifob Companion) and is available to download for free.


Drivers Hours Law can be difficult to follow and inevitably mistakes can be made. The digifob
assists drivers/operators in complying with the law, driving safely within hours and avoiding legal issues.

The smart way to read driver cards. The digifob starts displaying data from the Driver Card in as little as 4 seconds. You can then start scrolling through your summarised data chronologically. The information is set out logically and the large screen allows clear descriptions.

Avoiding infringements

The digifob contains a comprehensive EU Rules engine. It is the same technology used by many enforcement authorities across Europe.
The user is notified of all infringements as they occur within the data in chronological order.

Driver safety and working time

By using digifob Drivers and Driver Managers can consistently check driver compliance with EU regulations and in turn ensure that they and other road users are safe.

It can be an important tool for Transport Managers when assessing temporary drivers before they commence driving. Digifob summarises the current shift and each week to assist in working time calculations.


  • Stand alone Driver Card analysis
  • Legal file upload to PC (ddd, v1b, c1b, tgd)
  • Bright LED screen for low light conditions (OLED) 4 line display
  • Two butttons for scrolling and settings
  • USB connection to PC
  • Firmware can be updated via PC
  • USB charging of Lithium battery via PC
  • Acts as USB card reader with Companion Software Battery charge level indication
  • Set language, timezone and POA option
  • Filter data results; Infringements, Summaries
  • View individual Driver Card events
  • Dimensions in mm; 80 x 50 x 15


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