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    The complete industry standard WalkAround compliance solution for all aspects of PCV, HGV and company vehicle checking and reporting.

    • Designed for Drivers

      Simple interfaces speed up checks which increase the likelihood of completion and make the transition from the old paper defect book easy.

    • Cost effective

      Pay £1 per vehicle per week with no restrictions on the number of times each vehicle is checked.

    • Real Time Information

      Real-time data and automated alerts mean you can be aware of defects as soon as they happen and take action before they escalate.

    • Report & Analyse

      Access, analyse and report on the status of vehicles or the entire fleet simply by logging in via the Convey website and accessing and reporting on activity.

    • Continuous data capture

      Build up a long-term record of the status of vehicles for full analysis, internal reporting and proof for enforcement agencies.

    • Validate by location

      GPS locations captured when Walkaround checks are being undertaken confirm they are being completed when and where you expect them to be.

    Dynamic data views

    As soon as vehicle are checked using the daily vehicle checklist on the Convey driver app and data is uploaded, it becomes available to access, analyse and report on directly in the Convey system. View data alongside other data captured for vehicle and driver activity.

    WalkAround Apps

    The WalkAround App is available on iOS and Android. It is optimised for over 10,000 types of smartphone ensuring your drivers have a seamless experience on either budget or high-end devices.


    WalkAround Pricing

    Pay £1 per vehicle per week.
    Only pay for what you use.
    No hidden costs - no sign-up fees and no on-going maintenance fees.

    • Unlimited vehicle checks
    • Unlimited alerts

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