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    Licence Check

    Our driver Licence Check solution enables organisations to actively manage driving licence eligibility ensuring driver risk is reduced and compliance is assured. An essential process for organisations with employees that drive on work related business.

    • Verify Drivers

      Licence Check solution enables organisations to actively manage driving licence eligibility, checking the driver has the correct category entitlement and eligibility to drive.

    • Ensure high standard

      Checks the licence for current endorsements, penalty points and convictions. Identifies and monitors ‘high risk’ drivers.

    • Live DVLA data

      Our Licence Check service uses data supplied by the DVLA, meaning it is always up to date and accurate.

    • Improve your efficiency

      Automatic scheduling of driving licence rechecks without the need for human intervention, saving you time and money.

    • Keep notified

      Triggers comprehensive notifications and immediate warnings keeping you 'in the know' about your drivers at all times.

    • Be compliant with consent

      Our platform manages the full driver consent process, with e-consent option, which is valid for 3 years. Ensuring data protection compliancy.

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