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Integrate our Tracking module into your Convey platform to maximise fleet management efficiency, reduce costs and further increase productivity with this real-time GPS fleet management and vehicle data monitoring system.

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Why Use Convey's Tracking Module?

View Live Tachograph Data

View Live Tachograph Data

View the current daily drive time down to the minute of any driver. Weekly and Fortnightly driver's hours as well as daily rest information can help plan journeys based on each driver's remaining drive and duty time. Helping manage the productivity and efficiency of the fleet.

Geo-Fence Zones and Downloads

Geo‐Fence Zones and Downloads

You can easily set virtual geographic boundaries on a multitude of maps and get notified on-screen, via email or mobile, whenever a tracker crosses into or out of a zone and download a driver's Tachograph Card when they enter or leave a zone. Use this feature to quickly and easily record the time spent on or off the jobs, the stored time-location data can be used as proof of on-site customer service.

Extensive Reports

Extensive Reports

Collect and analyse journey details for any of your vehicles or assets. View routes taken, check for unscheduled stops, view fuel use and fuel theft, check over speeds and driving without a driver card. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to use this journey data to improve driver and vehicle performance, reduce costs and improve the productivity of all your assets.

Improve vehicle and asset security

Improve Vehicle and Asset Security

Set up customised access and security levels, with unlimited users. You can also assign them to specific groups for easier management. At the driver level, you can choose to assign key fobs to identify the driver using each vehicle and manage access to the vehicles. Control who is driving your assets and avoid misuse.

History reports

Reports History

The detailed 365‐day historical playback will enable you to view any historical event. Whether it is a load that was never delivered, a diversion that was never taken or even a speeding fine that is contested. You can load specific historical reports and events down to the minute.

Remote Tachograph Downloads

Remote Tachograph Downloads

Save valuable hours and cut costs with this powerful feature. Quickly and easily download your vehicle unit and drivers' cards remotely. Process data faster and improve your business efficiency.

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Multiple Map Options

Multiple Map Options

Using the latest GPS mapping technology track and view vehicle locations in real time and accurately to within 2meters.

Driver ID

Driver ID

You can assign key fobs to your drivers to identify the driver in each vehicle. These can also be used to stop vehicle misuse. You can pre-define key fob ID's to only work in designated vehicles.



Running an international operation or making international journeys? We have you covered.

What Will All This Value Cost You?

What Will All This Value Cost You?

Surprisingly little!

  • TrackingNo contract
  • TrackingNo subscription or direct debits required
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  • TrackingNo risk
Our Tracking Module Genuinely is Outstanding Value for Money

Our Tracking Module Genuinely is Outstanding Value for Money

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Reduce costs, improve profitability

Earned Recognition

Convey is a trusted IT supplier for the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme


Manage your entire fleet as efficiently as possible


Save time & revolutionise driver communication


Enables organisations to actively check driving licence eligibility


Audit and management of driver performance

Remote Download

Maximise your vehicle and driver assets and stay compliant


A complete Tachograph analysis compliance solution


Real-time GPS tracking fleet management & vehicle data monitoring


Plan, schedule & record training, including storing documents online


The industry standard compliance solution


A paper-less solution to maintaining your fleet