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The Driver Handbook

Initiate clear, effective, trackable communications with your drivers to ensure your business operates efficiently and improves productivity.

Stay in control of all the information you share with your drivers and cut costs, improve driver performance and manage compliance in real time.

The Driver Handbook
The Driver Handbook

Our Handbook module will benefit all operators.

Convey's Handbook module will;

  • The Driver HandbookTransform driver communications
  • The Driver HandbookIncrease productivity
  • The Driver HandbookCut costs & save time
  • The Driver HandbookImprove business efficiency and
  • The Driver HandbookStay compliant
The Driver Handbook
The Driver Handbook

Gain immediate benefits from Convey's Handbook module

Instant Communications - Always Up to Date

Instant Communications ‐ Always Up to Date

Keep your drivers fully updated at all times with the online app. Instantly send key information, news, and documents to your drivers when they need it to help drive efficiency, cut out errors and costs, and improve safety. Distribute Handbooks, any updates and other essential operational information directly to all of your drivers, at the push of button.

Cut Costs

Cut Costs

Replace costly printed staff handbooks, paper-based amendments and information with an efficient and effective digital based solution. Whatever the size of your transport operation the Convey Handbook module will improve your operational efficiency.

FORS Compliant

FORS Compliant

The content and functionality associated with our Handbook module is fully aligned to the requirements of the UK's Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS). This makes our Handbook module ideal for FORS members or for those working towards FORS accreditation, whatever the vehicle - HGV truck, lorry, PSV, van, car etc.

Legal and Accountable

Legal and Accountable

Our Handbook module provides the information to help meet your legal obligations around driving for work. Maintain a provable audit trail of what's been read and agreed to. Ensure driver knowledge is always up-to-date, relevant and accurate. Give your drivers the information they need to help them stay legal and professional on a day-to-day basis.

Unlimited Content

Unlimited Content

Convey's Handbook module gives you instant access to an extensive, trusted library of valuable content to share with your drivers including; toolbox talks, policies and so much more! Multiple Handbook types are available, simply choose the handbook that best suits your business.

Data Stored Secure and Managed Efficiently

Data Stored Securely and Managed Efficiently

All your critical Handbook data is stored securely in the Cloud. Make manual filing, misplaced documents, incomplete audit trails a thing of the past. No more printing and posting out information and hoping your drivers read it! Our Handbook module really will benefit your business instantly.

Don't wait any longer! Allow your business to start gaining all these benefits and more!

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Our Handbook module is just one of a complete suite of Convey modules designed to transform Driver and Vehicle Compliance specifically and Fleet Management in general.

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