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DVSA Earned Recognition

DVSA Earned Recognition is an industry accepted way to prove your organisation meets driver and vehicle standards. Earned Recognition accreditation is a voluntary scheme aimed at professional, conscientious transport operators of all sizes. Operators achieving Earned Recognition status will immediately gain a competitive advantage and enjoy other significant benefits.

DVSA Earned Recognition

Convey and the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme

Convey are one of just a handful of service providers worldwide who are on the DVSA approved list as an IT system provider for the Earned Recognition scheme. This means we can assist you with the whole accreditation process and you only need one supplier contact point.

Earned Recognition for Free!
The Earned Recognition app is now integrated into Convey's Driver and Vehicle Compliance solution. If you have our Tachograph Analysis or Fleet Management modules, you will have the Earned Recognition module for free!*

*You will also need our WalkAround module to record first responses to defects.

DVSA Earned Recognition
DVSA Earned Recognition
DVSA Earned Recognition

How Does Earned Recognition Work?

To become part of the Earned Recognition scheme you must have a DVSA validated management system capable of monitoring key performance indicators and automatically reporting exceptions. Convey provide exactly this system.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are then used to measure an operator's compliance for both maintenance and driving activities. Our system sends notification of your performance against these KPIs to the DVSA. If any KPIs are missed the DVSA will work with you to fix any issues.

Please note: The DVSA will have no access to your data or the Convey platform.

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DVSA Earned Recognition

Driver KPIs

Code Description
D1 Fixed Penalty Band 1
D2 Fixed Penalty Band 2
D3 Fixed Penalty Band 3
D4 Fixed Penalty Band 4
D5 Overall Infringements
D6 Working Time
D7 Repeat Offenders
D8 Unaccounted Mileage
D9 Most Serious Infringements
DVSA Earned Recognition

Vehicle KPIs

Code Description
M1 Complete Set of Safety Inspections
M2 Safety Inspection Records Completed Correctly
M3 Safety Inspections Within Stated Frequency
M4 Driver Defect Reports Appropriately Actioned
M5 Vehicle & Trailer MOT Initial Pass Rate

Gain these Immediate Benefits from Earned Recognition

Exemplary Operator

Win More Business

Your business will be recognised by the industry as an exemplary operator. This will be of real value when bidding for contracts.

Save Significant Time, Stress and Money

Save Significant Time, Stress and Money

Earned Recognition status means your vehicles will be less likely to be inspected at the roadside and your premises visited by DVSA enforcement staff. Avoiding this will save you significant time, frustration, stress and money!

Direct Feed into DVSA

Access to DVSA for support

Benefit from direct access to the DVSA earned recognition business team. Benefit from the assistance and guidance these DVSA experts can provide. They want you to improve and be a successful operator.

Open New Business Opportunities

Open New Business Opportunities

Don't be excluded from bidding for certain contracts. Gaining Earned Recognition approval will open new opportunities to grow your business.

Exclusive Best Practice

Exclusive Best Practice

Enjoy access to exclusive best practice DVSA workshops, summits, and information services and to commercial modules such as HS2 & LPT2 (London Power Tunnel2)

Take Advantage of Future DVSA Initiatives

Take Advantage of Future DVSA Initiatives

Be ready to take advantage of future DVSA initiatives ‐ and all the benefits they could bring ‐ delivered through the Earned Recognition platform.

Don't Wait!

Don't lose out to your competitors.

We truly can help your business to grow and prosper.

Contact us today to start a conversation that really could transform your business!

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This is why your business should join this scheme!

Save significant time and costs by having digital systems in place. Improve your overall business efficiency and gain competitive advantages.

Use the DVSA earned recognition logo on your website, publicity materials and on signage at your premises & sites.

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Save Significant Time

Save Significant Time

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Improve Asset Productivity - Drivers & Vehicles

Improve Business Efficiency

Gain Competitive Advantage

Gain Competitive Advantage

Gain Peace of Mind - Always Prove Compliance

Measure Compliance

Increase Profitability

Display DVSA Earned Recognition Logo

Not ready to go for Earned Recognition status yet?

That's no problem ‐ you can still use Convey's Earned Recognition Module to check how your business measures up to the Earned Recognition standards and monitor operational performance against the DVSA KPIs. Even if you never go for ER accreditation you will gain valuable insights into how well your business is operating and where valuable improvements can be made.

Benchmarking your organisation vs. the standards required for ER status will show how and where you can improve business efficiencies, save time, reduce costs and be more productive. The results could truly transform your business!

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DVSA Earned Recognition
As a Convey client, we'll support you whenever you need it

What is the Cost for the Earned Recognition software?

There is no charge!

If you have our Tachograph or Fleet Manager software modules, then you already have our Earned Recognition module included for free*. It just needs activating. Contact us and we'll do the rest.

*You will also need our WalkAround module to record first responses to defects.

If you want our ER system but don't have our Tacho or Fleet Manager solutions yet, please call us and we'll advise you on what would work best for you.

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Convey's mission is to provide the best driver and vehicle compliance and wider fleet management solutions for all commercial vehicles and operators, large and small.

When you invest in Convey solutions you are joining many thousands of operators who have already put their trust in our compliance and operator management solutions. We will work with you to ensure we give you the best possible service, guidance and support whenever you need it. Our team have extensive and valuable experience in assisting businesses just like yours ‐ and we continuously strive to deliver top quality support to the Convey community.

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Earned Recognition

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