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Remote Tachograph Downloading

Maximise your Vehicle and Driver Assets and Stay Compliant

Gain huge time savings, reduce costs and improve your productivity with ConveyRD & RD +. The ultimate Remote Tacho Downloading and Tracking solution.

ConveyRD will make your business more efficient and profitable!


Simple to set up and use.

Gain instant, remote digital tachograph downloads.

ConveyRD gives you fully automated and reliable remote downloads of all tachograph and driver card data. This valuable information on driver's hours, rest breaks and availability means you can optimise vehicle and driver assets and gain significant cost savings. Get all of the benefits above PLUS Vehicle Tracking with Convey RD+


How our Remote Downloads module will benefit you

Save time...lots of time

Save time...lots of time

Using RD could save you up to 2 days or more, per vehicle per year. With a 20 vehicle fleet that is over one month of time saved! Translate that into cash and ConveyRD more than pays for itself. That's not all… see the other great benefits you will gain with Convey RD.

Improve Compliance management

Improve Compliance management

Automate your record keeping and eliminate missed downloads. It's all done for you, remotely and securely. Now you can address Compliance issues before they escalate as downloads are completed daily.

Simple installation

Simple installation

Just fit one of our devices to each vehicle and it does the rest. It is that easy.

Secure, reliable, automatic file transfers & analysis

Secure, reliable, automatic file transfers & analysis

Downloads are sent securely via the mobile data network to our servers. The data is automatically analysed by our software and meaningful, actionable information is delivered directly to you.

Improve Driver and Vehicle Safety

Improve Driver and Vehicle Safety

Getting daily automated reports from your tachograph data can help you to minimise or even eliminate avoidable driver infringements. Benefit from reduced risks, delays and penalties.

Outstanding Value for Money

Maximise your Assets with Pro-active Planning

Receiving real time* driver updates and vehicle location data enables better pro-active planning. This means you can maximise your transport assets and minimise avoidable unproductive situations.

*This is only available when using the RD+ service.

ConveyRD can deliver real benefits to your fleet management operations. Increase productivity, save time and gain efficiency ‐ all of this will improve profitability.

Act now, we are ready to help.

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What Will it Cost You?



one off cost



per month

Year 1 cost = £252
(includes the unit)
Year 2 cost = £72
Year 3 cost = £72



per month

Year 1 cost = £300
(includes the unit)
Year 2 cost = £120
Year 3 cost = £120



per month

Year 1 cost = £348
(includes the unit)
Year 2 cost = £168
Year 3 cost = £168

Add Vehicle Tracking for just £8 p/m extra and maximise the benefits of Convey RD

We understand the issues and challenges around fleet management and compliance

We understand the issues and challenges around fleet management and compliance.

Our business is all about improving compliance and productivity. We have the experience, expertise and the solutions you need to drive your business forward.

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Convey Modules


Reduce costs, improve profitability

Earned Recognition

Convey is a trusted IT supplier for the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme


Manage your entire fleet as efficiently as possible


Save time & revolutionise driver communication


Enables organisations to actively check driving licence eligibility


Audit and management of driver performance

Remote Download

Maximise your vehicle and driver assets and stay compliant


A complete Tachograph analysis compliance solution


Real-time GPS tracking fleet management & vehicle data monitoring


Plan, schedule & record training, including storing documents online


The industry standard compliance solution


A paper-less solution to maintaining your fleet