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At Convey, we’re proud to do things differently. Our years of industry knowledge and expertise, combined with our exceptional insight, passion for technology and commitment to the exceptional customer service, has seen us build our state-of-the-art driver and vehicle compliance software platform from the ground up.

We haven’t simply started from where others have left off…we’ve re-engineered, re-imagined and refined our software to deliver a compliance solution that is truly revolutionary.

We’re passionate about delivering products and services that support the UK’s haulage and commercial vehicle sector. We want to help all operators large and small to recognise that effective compliance can also be an excellent business development opportunity. The valuable data gained from managing compliance correctly can be used to transform your organisation, driving dramatic business efficiencies and powering outstanding productivity gains leading to significant profitability growth – as well as total peace of mind on compliance!

Our clear and proven track record of delivering innovative solutions to our rapidly growing and valued customer base has provided us with a solid platform from which to continue to support operators to monitor, share and report on vital business data – including; drivers’ hours, driver licence profiles, vehicle defects, fleet maintenance, to name just a few. Most importantly though, we provide fleet managers and operators with the tools to analyse and interpret this data easily and effectively, allowing them to manage their businesses in a much better way, ultimately enabling them to reduce costs, save time, improve business efficiency, increase productivity and be more profitable.

Sophisticated, intuitive and fully integrated, our software – which utilises the latest Microsoft software technology and hosted using Microsoft Azure – has been designed with flexibility and scalability in mind.

Regardless of the size of your fleet, our distinct modules enable you to build a complete, consistent, and accurate record of data on all of your vehicles and drivers at the click of a button – delivering an outstanding level of performance and integration.

Not only that, but the way we have designed our solution means that the functionality can be scaled to meet your ever-evolving operational needs – delivering optimum value for money and helping you to protect your investment in Convey and grow your business both now and in the future.

We’re passionate about our industry, our customers, and our people – and together, we’re making a real difference.

Our Journey

Convey was formally founded in 2016, but the roots of our business were formed long before then.

Owner Steve Fisher combined a successful career in software development with a long-held interest in tachographs and compliance to launch Exentra in 1995.

The company developed tachograph analysis and compliance management software that helped operators to analyse paper charts, collect data and run reports.

Steve went on to build an internet-based system called ‘Smartanalysis’ that enabled Exentra to become a market leader in the field.

The success hadn’t gone unnoticed and in 2012, when the business was sold to Descartes Systems, Steve stayed on as UK Managing Director to help the company become one of the leading analysis providers in the country.

Several years later, however, Steve found himself yearning once more for the benefits and challenges of running his own business, the hands-on engagement with customers and the chance to regain his passion for the industry. And that, in 2016, is when Convey was born.

Able to recognise and appreciate the value of true expertise, Steve was quick to lay solid foundations for the company by bringing together a specialist team featuring the most talented people he’d worked with in the past.

He was also happy to invest as much time and energy as it took to ensure software solutions built from scratch were as good as they could possibly be. Indeed, it wasn’t until more than a year after the company was first established that the first Convey product went to market.

And that’s where we are today – a business that brings together some of the most knowledgeable and talented individuals in the industry, exceptional technological prowess and an unrivalled commitment to customer care.

A business that delivers the very best software products on the market backed by levels of service and support that are second to none.

We would be delighted to welcome you into the Convey family, to help you to develop and grow your business with our acclaimed compliance solutions. If you want to more – please contact us today. We are ready to help.

Why use Convey?

There are many reasons why we think our software solutions are streets ahead of the competition:


One easy, integrated interface
All our modules are accessed from a single secure, cloud-based platform.


Anytime, Anywhere Access
With Convey your system is online and always available. View via the internet or the app. Use the web or desktop apps to manage compliance and fleet operations. View data and reports at any time.


Eliminate Errors
Our modules use a single shared database which eliminates the possibility of driver or vehicle duplication. With Convey you can plan better, control and reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and increase profitability.


Active Alerts
React faster and stay in control with active alerts. Receive automatic emails, text messages or App notifications whenever exceptions or issues arise. Gain time, avoid costs and maximise productivity.


Customised to Suit your Business
See all your data in one place, customise your user view, menus, and reports, Get the data you want, how you want it. This is a major benefit with Convey.


Build a Valuable Picture of your Operation
Use Convey to build a comprehensive picture of your operation and dramatically improve business efficiency. When you see the full picture, you can manage much more efficiently and profitably!


It's Easy to Switch to a Better System!
It's so easy to switch to Convey. Gain all the benefits and advantages, with minimal or even zero business disruption.


When you choose Convey, we'll support you all the way

Our support team has decades of valuable knowledge and experience in supporting fleet managers, owner operators and drivers. We are here to ensure you get maximum value from your Convey system.

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Our Team

Steve Fisher | Founder & Owner

As the founder and owner of Convey Technology, Steve is passionate about creating solutions that make a real difference.

His technological know-how, combined with decades of experience of working within the transport industry, has enabled him to build and develop a company focused entirely on the needs of its customers.

Steve is proud to head up a Convey team that brings together a wealth of exceptional expertise and combines it with the latest and most innovative technology to deliver modern solutions for a traditional industry, all backed up by unrivalled levels of customer service and support.

His exceptional industry knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit produce market-leading, cost-effective software solutions that support transport operators of all shapes and sizes to manage their businesses more effectively.

And with a passion for ensuring each of our products is built for purpose, fully integrated and entirely scalable, Steve is committed to continuing to innovate and evolve Convey’s offering to meet the needs of the industry both now and in the future.

Karen Crispe | Commercial Director

Through more than 25 years of direct Board level experience, Karen has gained an holistic understanding of the transport industry and a true insight into the many issues facing those within it.

Senior roles within both the commercial sector and industry trade bodies have helped her to develop the kind of well-rounded knowledge and insight that’s invaluable – both to Convey and our customers.

As our Commercial Director, Karen is passionate about using that expertise to help deliver effective, modern solutions for operators across the UK.

A leading commentator on tachograph legislation, and a long-standing champion of the sector as a whole, Karen works closely with Convey’s valued partners, customers and stakeholders to identify and explore all avenues for growth and evolution.

Her unwavering commitment to driving forward our innovations ensures that, as a business, we continue to tread new ground and support our customers across the industry to be the very best they can be.

David Fullbrook | IT Director

As a highly practised software engineer, team leader, project manager, architect and departmental manager, David has wide-ranging experience in designing and delivering innovative and effective communication and analysis systems.

Principal software developer for the Convey Tachograph infrastructure, David leads our dedicated team of software engineers responsible for the ongoing development and maintenance of the Convey Software as a Service (SaaS).

With a strong commercial acumen and high degree of market awareness, together with a depth of technical expertise, David is able to identify the precise requirements of Convey’s customers and
develop modern and cost-effective solutions in response to these needs.

Paul Heath | Product Manager

As a true expert in the delivery of cost-effective software solutions for the transport industry, Paul helps operators to meet compliance obligations, streamline processes and achieve considerable improvements in efficiency.

Paul brings many years of experience in transport compliance including specialist areas, such as EU Drivers’ Hours Law and Working Time regulations, to his role as Technical Account Manager here at Convey.

He has the rare ability to combine exceptional technological expertise with outstanding customer service.

It’s a skill set that enables him to not only drill down into the detail and truly understand the challenges of his customers, but also play a central role in the development of products and services that turn those requirements into reality.

Convey Modules


Reduce costs, improve profitability

Earned Recognition

Convey is a trusted IT supplier for the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme


Manage your entire fleet as efficiently as possible


Save time & revolutionise driver communication


Enables organisations to actively check driving licence eligibility


Audit and management of driver performance

Remote Download

Maximise your vehicle and driver assets and stay compliant


A complete Tachograph analysis compliance solution


Real-time GPS tracking fleet management & vehicle data monitoring


Plan, schedule & record training, including storing documents online


The industry standard compliance solution


A paper-less solution to maintaining your fleet