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Karen Crispe joins the latest Fleet Geeks Podcast

Have you listened to the Fleet Geeks Podcast ‘Making fleets digital and a love of the Transport Sector with Karen Crispe’?

Karen chatted to Pete Rushmer from our partner, Flagship Partners, about her long and distinguished career in the transport and logistics industry, and especially about diversity in the industry and how technology & software will help you effectively manage your compliance obligations.

At Convey, we want you to be able to use our system to allow you to do more than just meet the regulations and we are passionate about using technology to help streamline your operations and make your processes smoother – saving you time, increasing productivity and adding to profitability.


To find out more information about the Convey platform and how it can really help your business,  please contact us for a friendly, no pressure chat. It could just be the best thing you do today!