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Convey take Data Privacy seriously.

Keeping Customer Data Safe

Over recent years, growth in digital technology has led to increasing amounts of data being collected and stored by businesses. While this has led to many efficiency gains, it’s also created concerns over the security, confidentiality and privacy of this data.

We asked our Product Manager, Paul Heath, all about data management at Convey. Here, he has answered some questions about how Convey store data and how the platform helps you to keep your information safe.

How and where do you store customer data?

Our platform and all of the data we store is hosted within the UK, utilising Microsoft’s Azure environment.

How do you ensure that user’s information isn’t shared with those who shouldn’t have it?

When we transmit data, we encrypt everything so it’s very secure whilst in transit. Only authorised users with a valid user account get access to their data.

What data is stored on the Convey Platform?

Typically, data stored in the system revolves around drivers and vehicles. Examples of such data may include a drivers’ name, driver card number or licence number, depending on what modules a customer is using.

Similarly, information stored for a vehicle includes the registration number, make of the vehicle and the VIN number.

The majority of the data in the platform is not sensitive.

Does the module I’m using make a difference to the way data stored?

Our platform stores all information in one place, so data is stored and controlled in the same way. This makes it easy for operators to sign up for new modules as the data is already available.

Who has access to data we store?

Each customer is able to allocate and manage user permissions within their business, including drivers, warehouse operatives, fleet managers or the managing director. Our customer can request any of their employees are given a log in or manage this themselves.

Drivers can also have access to their own data.

Traditionally, drivers have not had access to systems like ours and would typically receive a report about their working hours and behaviour each week, month, or quarter. Now, customers can choose to give their drivers access to their own data, so there is a greater opportunity to empower and educate them, should there be any compliance issues.

How does paperless data storage help to keep data secure?

In the past, all the data collected from drivers, whether that be tacho, licence, training or even walk around data, would have been on paper and kept in locked filing cabinets. Our paperless system has not only made the need for paper redundant and massively reduced the risk of data being lost, but also reduces the risk of data being misused as it can only be accessed by permission levels rather than the ability to open a filing cabinet. It also keeps everything in one place should you need to access information quickly, from anywhere.

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