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Daily Vehicle Checklist

Daily Vehicle Checklist

When you are running a fleet of vehicles it is imperative that your drivers carry out their daily vehicle checks. Failure to do so can have serious consequences. The Convey Walkaround is a fantastic solution that walks drivers through a complete DVSA compliant vehicle walkaround check and relays the gathered data in real time. It has been designed for drivers, with a simple interface which speeds up completion and increases the likelihood of the checks being completed. Essentially, it makes the old way of recording checks, in a paper book, defunct.

What is Checked on a Daily Vehicle Checklist?

Our walkaround check app will have a complete list of what requires checking on a daily basis as part of a vehicle inspection and is easy to complete. Whilst the below is not an extensive list of example of what may be on a daily vehicle checklist it has been created to give an idea of what is inspected:

External Vehicle Checks

• Condition of Bodywork
• Condition of Windscreen and other widows
• Condition of lights
• Condition of wiper blades
• Cleanliness of windscreen, mirrors, windows, number plate and lights
• Security of trailer/load/roof rack
• Tyre Condition, pressure and wear
• Spare Wheel and jack availability

Internal Vehicle Checks

• Mirror positioning
• Seat belt condition
• Up to date tax (tax disc showing?)
• Head Rest Positioning
• Fire Extinguisher
• First Aid Kit & Torch
• Vehicle Handbook
• Warning Triangle
• Engine Oil
• Coolant
• Windscreen Wash Fluid
• Brake/Clutch Fluid
• Power Steering Fluid
• Battery Condition
• Any leaks

Function Checks

• All Lights
• Wipers and Washer Fluid Jets
• Brakes
• Fuel
• Horn

There will, of course, be different checks required depending on the kind of vehicle that is being driven. HGVs for example require different checks to vans and cars.

What is the purpose of daily vehicle checks?

Daily vehicle checks are an easy and effective way to ensure the drivers of your vehicles are as safe as they can possibly be. A routine of daily vehicle checks allows drivers to spot issues with the vehicles which may become potentially dangerous. These vehicles are often doing high mileage every day and so can develop faults fairly quickly. Daily vehicle checks make sure these are spotted promptly and keeps the vehicles safe and fit for purpose. Catching problems early can also mitigate and potential further damage and can reduce maintenance costs.

Convey Tech are DVSA approved and have a suite of products to assist you with your commercial vehicle compliance. Get in touch with us today if you are interested in any of our products.