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Convey part of the CILT’s Transport & Logistics Safety Forum

The Transport and Logistics Safety Forum

The Transport and Logistics Safety Forum (TLSF) is a professional group within CILT(UK) which aims to inform, advise, and influence both members and external bodies on good practice and appropriate policies to enable transport and logistics services to be as safe and effective as possible.

Convey's Karen Crispe presenting at CILTs Transport and Logistics Safety Forum

Chair of the TLSF, Andrew Drewary is one of 9 industry professionals on the steering committee, which is made up of fleet operators and independent experts. He explains that “our group is set up to influence best safety practice within the transport and logistics industry and encourage people to go over and above the legal minimum.

“The industry has had to tackle, and is still experiencing huge challenges, including Brexit and the global pandemic. Our committee, which meets every 2 months, debates, and considers ways to support operators to provide the industry with enhanced support.”

Commenting on current campaigns, which are being explored, Andrew says that “one of our aims is to help raise awareness of the industry for young people at the beginning of their working life.” The huge talent shortage was a topic that hit the news in Summer 2022, when the general public began to see the effects of driver availability on supply chains across the UK.

Andrew explains that “this year, we hope to develop resources such as handbooks and videos to advise on industry codes of practice. Our core principle is to make operational safety an everyday consideration for both drivers and operators.”

Karen Crispe, Commercial Director at Convey Technology also sits on the steering committee of the forum, which now has over 1,200 registered members. As a leading commentator on tachograph legislation and a long-standing champion of the transport sector as a whole, Karen brings considerable experience and expertise in compliance and legislation to the group, along with her genuine understanding of operator challenges. Karen says that “being part of the Transport and Logistics Safety forum is a great      way to work collaboratively with an experienced group of industry professionals and contribute towards tackling some of the challenges that the industry – and my customers – are facing every day.”

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